Transformer PCB Decontamination & Dechlorination

PSS travels to customer locations throughout the United States and uses the PCBXSM process to decontaminate the PCBs from the transformer mineral oil while the transformer is energized. This proprietary process circulates the PCB oil from the transformer, through the processing rig and back to the transformer until the oil is less than 2 ppm PCB. PCBX costs less than retrofilling the transformer and with no outages required to perform the service. PCBX is the only mobile EPA-permitted process for chemically treating PCB oil. Transformers with starting PCB contamination levels of 50-499 ppm can be processed to levels that will allow them to be reclassified to non-PCB status.

The process can be performed on de-energized transformers and on energized performers up to 230 kV.

PCBX decontaminates the PCBs from mineral oil while the transformer is energized, costs less than retrofilling, and requires no outages to perform the service.